Making A Self Care Kit

Self care is so important to coping with stress
emotional regulation

Making a self care kit is both fun and interesting (or at least I thought it was). You may be thinking, what the heck is a self care kit? A self care kit is a collection of things which can help soothe your five senses during times of stress. Everyone’s self care kit will be a little bit different depending on what they like but here are some ideas of what you could include


  • candles
  • weighted blanket
  • cozy sweater
  • warm socks
  • favourite candy
  • quality chocolate
  • favourite tea bags or coffee pods
  • journal & pens
  • colouring books and coloured pencils
  • note cards with affirmations/ positive quotes
  • list of support people to call/text
  • silly putty
  • fidget spinner
  • headphones & playlist on your phone (Mines called “Taylor Swift IS Self Care”)
  • stuffed animals
  • list of favourite feel good shows and movies
  • essential oils
  • yoga mat
  • nail polish & file
  • calm down jar 
  • favourite book
  • tissues
  • eye mask & ear plugs
  • quality hand/body lotion
  • bubble bath
  • skin/hair care products
  • positive notes from loved ones to read when you are feeling overwhelmed
  • SOS/Emergency Plan (Crisis services and when to seek help)

I chose items from this list which work for me and loaded them all in a basket from the dollar store. I keep it in plain sight for easy access and a visual reminder to take care of myself.  You could also keep any workbooks or worksheets recommended by your therapist. Get creative and load it up with things that make you feel GOOD. Practice self care each and everyday to see the most positive change.

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