Minority Mental Health Barriers

How can we help reduce disparities?

Canada is often regarded as being unbiased, where healthcare is accessible to all its citizens. However, a recent analysis on our healthcare systems ranked Canada’s healthcare system in 3rd last, due to the lack of healthcare outcomes, access and poor equity. 

Outpatient services require private funding in Canada for access to most mental healthcare. Unfortunately, this creates a major challenge and makes it very difficult for most Canadians to get mental healthcare, where racialized people and youth are affected. Furthermore, it is difficult to find out information about the disparities present in mental healthcare, simply due to the lack of race-based data associated with mental healthcare. 

As Canadians, we can observe Minority Mental Health Awareness month by:

  1. Spreading knowledge
  2. Practicing Empathy
  3. Always behaving with kindness
  4. Donating and volunteering at mental health facilities in minority communities
  5. Increasing the proportion of racial minority providers
  6. Seeking culturally appropriate education for providers

At Fancy Therapy, part of our mission is to overcome financial mental health care barriers and allow accessibility to EVERYONE. We offer $25 therapy sessions with graduate level Counselling Psychology students. If you know anyone who could benefit from these services, they can join the waitlist for September here: 



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