Depression Workbook




This workbook is meant to be used with the help of a psychotherapist, in ongoing therapy sessions to improve symptoms of depression. It is not a substitution for therapy.

33 Pages 

Understanding Depression

Ways to Cope with Depression

Emotions Motivate Actions

Activity Menu

Developing Psychological Flexibility

Transdiagnostic Processes

What is Mindfulness?

Ways to Practice Mindfulness

What does exercise do for the mind and body?

Behavioural Activation

My Emotional Strengths (x2)

Self Affirming Statements

My relationships

Pain Tracking

Self Esteem Journal

Symptoms of Depression

Checklist for Better Sleep

Sleep diary

Weekly Schedule

Creating a Better Day

Daily Behaviour Tracking

Daily Food Intake

Emotional Numbing
Exercise Log

I Feel

Imagining Your Best Self

Lifestyle Habits

Lifestyle Log