Relationship with Food Workbook



This workbook is meant to be used with the help of a psychotherapist, in ongoing therapy sessions to help you improve your relationship for food. It is not a substitution for therapy. It is not a substitution for intensive eating disorder treatment.

22 Pages 

Transitioning after residential treatment

Steps to prevent relapse

10 tips for healthier body image

15 ways to love your body

Compulsive Exercise 

Compulsive exercise Worksheet

Symptoms of Binge Eating

Hunger Scale

Navigating the Holidays

Body checking behavior tracking

Dietary Rules – How to Eat

Dietary Rules – What to Eat

Dietary Rules – When to Eat

Binge/Purge Debrief

Factors that Contribute to Binging

Factors that Contribute to Purging

Factors that Contribute to Restricting

Fear Foods

Fear of Weight Gain

Food Tracking

My Triggers

Planning Ahead