Therapy Workbook

This workbook is meant to be used with the help of a psychotherapist, in ongoing therapy sessions. It is not a substitution for therapy. 45 PagesĀ  Asking for What You Want (2) Assertive Communication Assertive Responses Relationship Satisfaction Assessing Satisfaction List of Core Values Clarifying Values Carving Out Time Gratitude Emotion Wheel How Does Emotion Affect Your Life? My Emotional Strengths (2) Intrusive Thoughts, Images, Impulses IKIGAI Letting Go Manifesting my Core Values Personal Boundaries Possible Problems List Quarter Life Crisis Taking Responsibility Goal Planner Imagining Your Best Self (5) List of Coping Thoughts My Negative Emotions Negative & Positive Cognitions Unhelpful Thought Patterns Childhood Overview (2) Activity Menu Personal Boundaries Rational Thought Replacement Checklist for Better Sleep Sleep Diary Support Team Symptoms of Stress Task Planning Clarifying Values Daily Behaviour Tracking Daily Food Intake