Affordable Therapy



This program serves clients who do not have health insurance or whose health insurance provides inadequate mental health benefits. These clients also cannot afford current standard rates for therapy (between $120-200 a session).

We help clients through virtual, affordable care from a master’s level counselling student.

Since the conception of Fancy Therapy Services, we have had the belief that therapy should be accessible for everyone. We have wanted to provide people an affordable option if they cannot afford full price or do not have insurance benefits. That is why we strive to maintain the affordable therapy program. 

Benefits of The Program

  1. Affordable rates while students complete their education training, they are under the close supervision experienced therapists
  2. Flexible Daytime, Evening, and Weekend appointments
  3. Currently no waitlist, giving you quick access to treatment
  4. Students have just completed their education components of training which means they are up to date with the latest research
  5. Students are excited and dedicated to the counselling process
  6. Virtual services offer convenience


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All Services are offered virtually.

Serving all of Ontario

Currently in Crisis? Please call the Crisis Line at 1-833-456-4566 or Text 686868

For all EMERGENCIES please call 911 immediately